As country managers we do many things and the task list is often unlimited.
However here are a few things we have done off late.


Since many of our clients are challengers they are like start-ups in a new geography despite being larger companies in their home geography, The decision on whether or not to have a local presence is almost always a chicken or egg problem. How do we justify recruitment, incorporation expenses, statutory obligations of being a multinational in a foreign country etc. without revenues from the country?

The Jai Group offers you an easier solution: you can hire our company to become your country manager. Instead of an individual, we are a firm. That comes with a lot of benefits – how often we wish our managers are bestowed with all the opposites:- analytical and creative, detail oriented and visionary, people and task driven, local and yet one of us – well, hiring us makes those paradoxical demands sound most logical. Not only our managers are well rounded, we can use more than one of them to get the job done and you pay only for one.

Sales and Marketing



We structure channels, appoint agents but also oversee them. In large B2B sales, we double up as your on site sales force.

Local Operations & Logistics Management


We can help in factory site selection, find a warehouse, and ensure service operations are launched smoothly. We do this by offering in country support to our client managers who are often based in the HQ.

Talent Acquisition & Management Solutions


Attracting quality talent in a distant market for a mid sized brand from any home country is not easy. Our regional expertise and relationships help inspire the right local talent to work for you.

Tax Structures and Regulations


Regulations and tax planning matter in many emerging economies. We help select and help oversee competent local third party professionals.

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