Contract Management

Many attacker companies usually do not want to set-up extensive operations before seeing cash flows, yet need an effective presence to generate these cash flows. We help resolve the chicken and egg situation.

The Jai Group provides high-quality man-power with business experience for a determined period of time to help accomplish difficult start-up tasks, both managerial and administrative. Our associates and partners have worked with large multinational firms and have excellent background being able to leverage scarce organizational resources to achieve pre-defined goals.

When required, we can also provide a basic structure, office space, secretarial services, telephone line and other needed infrastructure support to companies starting to explore new markets.

Companies may find it difficult to establish credibility especially in a new market where they lack resources and brand power. Our background/ experience and contacts can give credibility quickly and provide access to clients/partners that cannot be accessed on their own.

Some typical contract managerial tasks we have performed for our clients include:

- Regulatory process management
- Partnership strategy definition and managing the alliance process
- Selection plant location and setting up plant and logistics chain
- Delivering a few key sales to kick start operations - Help in recruiting country managers