The Jai Group Value Proposition

The Jai Group is much more than a typical consulting company, for it is positioned to serve companies from emerging countries.

Result and value creation focus
We only accept projects that will deliver n times our fees in real value to our clients.

Understanding of needs of emerging markets companies
Focus on practical needs of the companies without compromising analytical rigor.

Customized solution
Customized solutions rather than cookie-cutter solutions.

Commitment to a long-term relationship
We want to be trusted advisors to the owner/ CEO. We do not believe in random projects and so we adopt exceptionally objective attitude in coming up with recommendations aligning our interests with long term client success.

Two in one: Consulting and Managerial assistance
Consulting and actual managing when the client needs it.

Implementation help
Not just ideas!!! Ready to roll up sleeves and implement.

Global perspectives
Global insights that competition serving our target clients find difficult to bring to the table.