Management Consulting

Some problems require a more focused, rigorous and faster problem solving approach than is possible within client organizations with their multiple tasks and priorities and different managerial styles. This issue is compounded when a company is globalizing as a top quality corporate HQ team cannot spread out to a new geography quickly.

Clients call in a Jai team as they perceive us to be more objective, more focused and quicker to help solve their problems associated with Globalization. When we work with our clients on a consulting engagement we make a difference to their team on three key dimensions, people, process and expertise.

People: We provide high-quality man-power with blue-chip consulting experience for a determined period of time to accomplish difficult problem solving tasks. Our associates and partners have worked with large multinational firms and have excellent back ground (Wharton / Kellog/ Uchicago/ IIM / IIT).

Process: We adopt an analytically more rigorous approach with a structured methodology and try to prove everything by real data rather than mere intuition in order to avoid costly mistakes. Businesses usually do not have time to perform rigorous analysis, they are busy doing their operational tasks. Numbers based, quantitative analysis when combined with business sense could ensure success and avoid big mistakes, especially in new geographies where intuition honed on realities at home may not work.

Expertise: By executing various projects, Jai teams have built up hard and soft expertise on a variety of dimensions. Hard expertise is knowledge specific to emerging markets on industries such as Pharma, Steel, Agribusiness etc among others and on the skilled and customized application of tools such as strategic planning, valuation, market segmentation, supply chain optimization, etc. Soft Expertise includes people management, cultural sensitivities, project management, breakthrough selling, leveraging relationships and so on. This makes a big difference to our clients who are looking for crashing their learning curve and time to success in a new geography.

Some typical client projects we have done include:

- Market entry strategy and business plan of an Indian pharmaceutical company in Mexico. - Due diligence of an iron mine in Brazil for an International Investor.
- Assistance in scenario planning exercise of a large Brazilian resources company to enter
- Sugar cane and ethanol market analysis, acquisition support and Greenfield strategy
ddevelopment for Indian sugar companies in Brazil.
- Logistics analysis for an Indian auto-company in Mexico and Central America.
- Preliminary market landscaping for a Brazilian food processing company entering India.
- Insightful workshop for Brazilian engineering company about India as a market and