Market Startegy

Once you have narrowed down on which markets to enter, we work with you to develop a strategy for entering the market. We follow our own proprietary value architecture methodology, broadly adapted from many methodologies from cutting edge academic research on the subject.


Value Storage Segmentation

Who is playing in the market?

Which problems are more profitable to solve?

This element is a variant of market segmentations, that include and transcend the customer

Ex. for a client, in the building materials industry we discover that he had to focus on DIY consumers and remodelers rather than builders and architects.



How to better extract value in a unique way?

This element focus on competitive advantage of a market positioning.

Ex. a cosmetic client we advised to focus on time, such as fast drying make up, for the working woman segment in Brazil where time was a major driver of value.



What to offer to the customer of choice?

How best to price the offering?

Who pays? Who consumes? Who influences? Who collects?

Ex. for a Pharma client doing licensing deal, we evaluated the merits of trading off an upfront payment for higher profits and brand recognition



How best to deliver on the promise is the question?

This one element we focus on value architecture

We assit you on questions related with supply chain design

Ex. clients in the Motorcycle industry in Latin America for sourcing from India selecting strategies (like CKD)  to optimize tax impact

Developing A Business Case And Business Plan

Once the value architecture is ready, we need to create an operational plan for the market entry. We will work with you to develop a full fledged business plan combining all the elements and developing sales, cost and investment projections. This will involve taking all elements of the value architecture and converting them in to specific operational choices and evaluating how will they impact one or more of the following: Sales, Costs Investments

Examples of converting value architecture in to operational choices:

  • Which products to launch? Which specific features?
  • What warranties to offer?
  • What specific regulatory norms need to be followed?
  • How many sales people to hire ? How much to pay them?
  • Should we work with third party warehouses and deliver ourselves or should w e work with a distributor?
  • What parts to actually source locally?
  • What tax incentives will we get if we create local jobs?

We will also work with you to develop board communications of the plan to get the necessary approvals for moving ahead.
An illustrative list of clients to develop a business plan and techno-economic feasibility for a new market:

Indian Pharma company in Mexico

Brazilian sportswear manufacturer in India

Colombian industrial conglomerate looking at entering the Motorcycle business

US coking coal producer in India

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