About Us

The Jai Group is a boutique international growth advisory firm based in the Americas and India with the mission to help companies of all sizes build and sustain businesses using access to international markets, resources, and technologies. We firmly believe that international access brings competitive advantage, not just globally but also in one’s core markets, by adding to size, resources, technology, customers, and valuable experience.

We are a 21st-century firm that smartly leverages technology and global connections so that our lean structure can deliver more than our larger competitors while keeping our costs and overhead low. Our lean structure also allows us to maintain high-quality standards and staff more experienced people for our projects.

Early internationalization was very entrepreneurial – think about the discovery of a new route to the Indies in the 15th century. Later as the scale became important, only large multinationals set up international operations. Technology and communications today have changed this, bringing back the entrepreneurial spirit of the early days of thinking about global markets, neutralizing the advantages of scale. Today it is possible for firms of any size to go global, and often they must, to survive if not to thrive. However, even in the 21st century, no matter how accessible information is, venturing into new countries continues to be one of the most challenging business problems. Strategy and business models, marketing, pricing, logistics, distribution, resource management, recruitment and coaching of talent and legal environment vary drastically from country to country. The issues are similar to using new technologies even in the same country.

The Jai Group will help your company to maximize returns while minimizing risks, design innovative go-to-market approaches, and create the vision that will drive the internationalization effort. With almost two decades of experience in market entry, deal-making, and running international operations, we have helped several Latin American, US, and Indian companies to explore new regions, discover opportunities, set up base, build businesses, and scale-up local operations.

We have a physical presence in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Silicon Valley (California), and Chennai (India). The firm was co-founded by professionals who had worked in top firms such as McKinsey & Co., BCG, Monitor & Co, Linklaters, and Deloitte.

Our Values

End Product Quality-

Analytical rigor with a high degree of objectivity: We do not make recommendations that are not clearly thought-out and backed by facts and rigorous analysis.

Practicality and Focus-

Focus on the practical needs of entrepreneurs: All our analyses are results-focused. At the same time, we know what will best serve our clients’ needs and will always conform to their requirements.

Value Delivered-

Ensure that the client actually gets value for money, affordable cost, and implementation help.

Give the Best of the Firm to Our Clients-

Contacts and credentials that will open doors around the world. Go beyond our brief to ensure client success.

Mutual Respect for All Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders form the basis for the success of a business. Therefore, we value and respect all our stakeholders, including our employees and partners, so as to create an organization with which everybody wants to work.