Emerging Markets


Whether a diversified business or a single-business-line company, which can explore multiple markets or look at new technology trends to bet on,

The Jai Group has a product line that can help you to quickly scan opportunities across multiple verticals and markets and identify the highest potential ones.

We combine a top-down fact-and-analysis-oriented opportunity scan module with the experiential guided visit to produce a synthesis.

Rapid Opportunity Scan-

Often the first step to engaging with new markets and/or opportunities is to decide which ones make sense for your company. The Jai Group has a standard consulting offering that allows you to arrive at a fact-based and consensual answer. Our process combines an outside-in perspective of rapid analysis of key metrics of your industry in multiple markets and an inside-out audit-driven assessment of your organisation’s capabilities and readiness to engage with these markets. The answer is a country–industry–opportunity matrix that provides a first-cut list of markets that may be worth pursuing.

Guided Visit-

In addition to getting an analytical perspective on new markets, most clients also want an immersive experience to get a look-and-feel perspective. This follow-up module involves arranging a visit to a new geography or a technology cluster where the client is exposed to customers/partners/suppliers/experts/regulators to provide experiential inputs on the various opportunities.
In select special cases, we are open to offering this as a stand-alone project module.

Synthesis Workshop-

The workshop allows to synthesise the analytical and experiential learnings of the opportunity scan and guided visit modules into one coherent world view. The end output of a synthesis workshop is to shortlist markets/opportunities and identify challenges to be addressed in a deep-dive follow-on.

Deep Dive-

Once certain country–industry–technology combinations are identified for further exploration in a synthesis workshop, we delve deeper and build a business case/techno-economic feasibility of the opportunity and how challenges can be addressed. This module does not necessarily involve strategy development but provides elements to build on in a strategy development process later on.

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