The Jai Group sees its work as facilitating the engagement of capital and technology with resources and markets. Whether consulting or acting as managers or doing deals, Jai Group’s provides access to markets, resources, technology and capital. The strategic geographical presence of The Jai Group’s team, reflects this framework of The Jai Group.

India: The Emerging Behemoth

India is tipped to be the second or the third largest economy in the world by 2050. Of the four elements of business success, India represents the potential of markets and to a limited extent technology in the information technology, life sciences and cost effective consumer innovations.

Its large middle class, burgeoning energy and infrastructure needs, startup eco-system are all key factors to portend its re-emergence as a global hub of economic activity. Its strong manufacturing base could become a major export center as it solves its skilled labor, infrastructure and resource constraints.

Its population represents the potential for selling in to the market using global or local supply chains. As an exporter of skilled labor to the rest of the world, India has a powerful diaspora in the middle-east, United Kingdom, North America and Africa, wherever English is spoken as the primary language. To understand more of India and the various opportunities it presents to your business, please click here.

The Jai Group operates from the south Indian city of Chennai, the hub for Automotive, Information technology and manufacturing which has a great continuity of tradition for the last two thousand years through neighborhoods such as Mylapore. A lot of our work currently supports Indian companies exploring Latin American markets. Some of our work also involves Brazilian companies looking to establish a presence in India. We are pursuing clients in the US – India corridor.

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