The Jai Group sees its work as facilitating the engagement of capital and technology with resources and markets. Whether consulting or acting as managers or doing deals, Jai Group’s provides access to markets, resources, technology and capital. The strategic geographical presence of The Jai Group’s team, reflects this framework of The Jai Group.

Mexico: A Manufacturing Powerhouse

Mexico is an exception in the Latin American milieu. It has successfully built an export industry not based on natural resources or mere cheap labor, but manufacturing competitiveness. In the four element framework, Mexico represents a balanced vision of markets and resources (energy and skilled labor).

Despite all the uncertainties in the NAFTA regime, Mexico remains a very strong nearshoring destination for manufacturing outsourcing, and a large market of 120 million people. With its multiple free trade treaties, access to both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Mexico is a gateway to many markets including many markets in Northern and Central Latin America. Its large Oil resources and Solar energy potential add to its strengths. To know more about Mexico and the opportunities it offers for your business, please click here.

The Jai Group currently operates in Mexico with its partners who operate under our brand, but is planning a full fledged operation soon. Our work in Mexico has largely focused on the strength of our partner there, in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences. We also have taken up projects in the automotive arena. We are now expanding our focus to include energy.

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