The Jai Group sees its work as facilitating the engagement of capital and technology with resources and markets. Whether consulting or acting as managers or doing deals, Jai Group’s provides access to markets, resources, technology and capital. The strategic geographical presence of The Jai Group’s team, reflects this framework of The Jai Group.

Silicon Valley: Technology capital of the world

While no more the one and only unique center for innovation and technology, when one makes the list of top five cities that drive forward innovation in the world, Silicon Valley is invariably at the top of the list. To learn more about Silicon Valley and the opportunities for your business, please click here

The Jai Group was established in Silicon Valley in 2015, as a symbol of its commitment to understanding, interpreting and leveraging technology for its clients. We are a small team here but work with an extensive network of highly accomplished people, to reflect the realities of the new economy.

Much of our work helps technology companies from the valley build a global presence in emerging markets. We also support many Latin American companies building their United States presence. Recently we have been involved in connecting Indian capital with opportunities in the Valley. As part of our work we also invest in some promising start ups as angel investors.

Please email us [email protected] to understand more about how we can help you in the United States.