When it comes to analysis and professional services, the real trade off is racticality and thoroughness. Many of our competitors err one way or the other. There are those top firms that will not compromise on finding the right answer. There are others who will just focus on getting the right results, ignoring or even trivializing the need to find the right answer. We have learnt through experience to walk the middle path and build our credibility in the overlapping region of right answers and right results.

End Product Quality-

Analytical rigour with high degree of objectivity: We do not make recommendations that are not clearly thought-out and backed by facts and rigorous analysis.

Practicality and Focus-

Focus on practical needs of entrepreneurs: All our analyses are results-focused. At the same time, we know what will best serve our clients’ needs and will always conform to their requirements.

Value Delivered-

Ensure that the client actually gets value for money, affordable cost and implementation help. Many challengers are incumbents in their core markets.

Give the Best of the Firm to Our Clients-

Contacts and credentials that will open doors around the world. Go beyond our brief to ensure client success. We are a people-oriented business that is committed to diversity and inclusion.


Mutual Respect for All Our Stakeholders-

Stakeholders form the basis of success of a business. Therefore, we value and respect all our stakeholders, including our employees and partners, so as to create an organisation with which everybody wants to work.

We deliver our services in the most cost-effective manner, while going out of the way to exceed client expectations in ways that will conserve our professional dignity.

We often work for challengers. People with big ambitions and lesser resources than their competitors. So we are conscious about how they use their resources including how we structure our compensation. We try to deliver value many times our professional fees and only take on projects where we feel we can do that. Some of our recommendations require actions that sometimes our clients cannot execute on their own. We then roll up our sleeves and pay the roles of managers, not just advisors and ensure the value our recommendations create is actually realized.