Outsourcing Analytics

Outsourcing some of your data science functions to India is a economically rational decision

We will work with you to identify, train and deploy data scientists and data analytics firms in India to solve your data analytics problems

India has the largest collection of data scientists outside the United States and between United States and India, one can account for 2/3 of all data scientists in the world.

However you need to ensure you are able to extract productive work from a remotely located data scientist in India you would need to do many things including:

  • Defining your data problem and help structure it
  • Ensure data confidentiality is met
  • Conduct periodic reviews and evaluate work and guide the data scientist
  • Quickly perform ad hoc follow up analysis as conclusions turn up, even while leveraging the cost of remote locations
  • Ensure cultural and communication problems do not interfere with effectiveness of work
  • Understand issues in real time to ensure on time delivery of completed work